engineered_wood_flooring_3engineered_wood_flooring_4Warwickshire Walls and Floors supply and fit all types of engineered wood flooring. This elegant type of floor covering is available in countless different finishes and can add warmth and character to any room.

Engineered wood flooring is entirely made of real wood, consisting of a wooden plank that has been carefully pressed into two or more layers. This is more stable as a base than solid wood as the layers run in entirely different directions. Once installed, only the top layer is visible.

Termed as fully restorable it can be sanded to remove scratches and traffic marks to keep it’s originality.

Engineered wood flooring exudes quality, (particularly the option of bevelled edges which adds another dimension in terms of character). A primary benefit, over other flooring types, is installation over concrete – engineered wood flooring is frequently used in basements and cellars. Other benefits include fitment over underfloor heating, particularly useful in conservatories, kitchens and playrooms.